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Trouble Shooting


Trouble Shooting

Many machine builders know the situation: The machine is finished in assembly, just before delivery. Any function does not do what it should. After several crisis meetings and changes to the machine is still no solution in sight. A very uncomfortable situation, every day costs a lot of money.

Do not hesitate to us in this situation. We do not promise miracles but we

  • come, as soon as possible, into your house to get to know the problems

  • analyze the problem in order to find the cause, no matter how long it takes

  • do not look for the guilty, but solutions

  • make proposals, that also intermediate solutions eg. to finish a customer acceptance

  • take into account limiting factors such as cost, time, and procurement opportunities

  • include your employees closely to solve the issues

  • coordinate the various activities

  • support you in the realization of the solution (design and procurement)

We are not "routine-blinded" and do not accept killer phrases like "... we've always done it this way" or "... we have never done so."

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